Welcome to The Hot Project Fitness Studio!

The big question is, what is pole fitness?

Pole fitness is not necessarily exotic dancing. I think once people get around that misconception, they will be more inclined to take the leap, and try a pole fit class.

Pole fitness combines cardio, stretching, flexibility and strength training all in one fun routine. It enables you to use self-expression and dance in your exercise routine, in short, it is a form of art combined with fitness.

Using your own body weight and momentum to do spins and tricks on the pole, your muscles are constantly being shortened and lengthened, thus giving you a toned figure without the bulking-up, and trouble-areas will be toned up in no time!

Because progress can be seen in every class, due to the muscle memory and confidence built, women become inspired by what their bodies can do, rather than how they look.

There is no judging or body shaming in class. Everyone is supportive and excited when someone ‘gets that move’.

Pole fitness is for all people, young and old, men and women and all body types. We have a diverse group of women ranging from 20 to 56 years old, and we have men that have signed up for introductory classes.

Anyone younger than 18 years of age will need consent from their parents or guardians to join these classes.

Although this is a First-In-Namibia form of exercise, being a Pilates instructor (and now Pole Fit instructor) who has tried all kinds of fitness techniques and exercises, I can truly say that pole fitness is here to stay.

I’ve seen weekly progress in women that have never done any form of exercise before trying pole fit, and I’ve seen women who hate exercising, now doing two pole fit classes a week!

It truly is an empowering feeling when you can open a jar of pickles without any help, and let’s face it, strong really is the new sexy!

Kind regards