Beginners Class
We all have to start somewhere. The Beginners class is designed for people who have never touched a pole before so there are no prerequisites. Don’t worry about not feeling fit, strong or flexible enough to sign up. You will learn simple strength moves, spins and pole sits. We all exercise bare foot to focus on pointing the toes. During the beginner course you will start to develop strength, balance, coordination, flexibility and control, along with body and spatial awareness. As a result you can expect to improve your general fitness, feel more ‘toned’ and start to see muscle definition. You will see a difference in your posture and in your confidence! You can also expect to experience an increase in your general happiness and well-being – dancing and physical exercise is a great anti-depressant!
Once you are able to do all the spins with control, you will learn a mini routine to show off to your friends and family.

Intermediate Foundation Level
A really exciting level! Spins become more advanced at this level with different grips and combination spins introduced. Your world will be turned upside down as you work towards laybacks, upside down leg hangs, straddles and handstands. In the intermediate pole class, you will spend lots of time going upside down and climbing the pole. Your pole dancing is starting to get more refined, as you learn harder moves and different hand grips to start strengthening your core.

Intermediate – Advance prep.
You’re pretty addicted by now! You’re spending most of the class up the pole and doing harder, more impressive combos. Building more core and arm strength plus combining it with flexibility will mean more acrobatic moves! Not only will you be learning more advanced tricks and spins, but we will work on all the important moves to make sure you’re ready for the next level.

Time to learn the famous and impressive handspring, dynamic hops, pops, drops, catches and tumbles down the pole, which while hard, are obtainable! Drops, holds, splits and combos will have you pole dancing like a pro. We will be pushing you hard to build your strength and flexibility to keep improving your skills. As you will have already experienced, some moves and tricks will come relatively easy to you, others will take months, if not years of work. With all of your foundations in place at this level your instructor will guide you as you explore the wider world of weird and wonderful pole dance. There is a lifetime of pole dance out there, enjoy the journey!

We have based this class on the Pilates principles to allow for more mobillity throughout the body. We consentrate on opening the hips to help you achieve your splits. This class also focuses on backbends and shoulder flexibility. All levels welcome.

Self-Pole Practice
You can book a supervised practice session if you want to practice any moves or routines that you have learned in class. Make sure you warm up! All levels welcome.

Private Lessons
Private lessons are available for all levels to give you extra help to achieve tricks you might be struggling with or to help improve your technique.

We believe in diversity and different styles and techniques are welcome in our studio. We have been host to some of the best pole dancing instructors in the world. We invite instructors from all over to share their passion with us. All workshops will be advertized on our Facebook and instagram pages. You are welcome to email us for info on upcoming workshops.